Talent Jungle uses modern recruitment methods to bring you quality candidates for your business or organisation. We conduct wide candidate searches, and use intelligent methods to screen for high quality candidates.


Through our services, you are able to outsource your recruitment and hiring needs to our expert team. We bring you high end candidates that are reliable and make a strong positive impact to your working environment and stakeholders.


Candidates face a rigorous process of having to present their skills, justify their interest in working for your organisation, attend interview(s), have their qualifications or skills considered where applicable. Then reference checks are conducted.


Arranging great people to work for your organisation

Labour Hire

Labour hire allows you to have a flexible and on-demand workforce.

Permanent Roles

Helping you hire team members for long term positions

Reference Checks

Researching and working with candidate references to understand their skills.

Contract Roles

Handling short term, consulting or contract opportunities.

Background Checks

More detailed vetting, screening and verification processes.